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You could save up to £75 on fuel*
sottoponendo la tua auto a regolare
manutenzione con un detergente Techron
per sistemi di alimentazione.
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* Test europei Techron
Emissions Analytics - Test Techron europei e risultati 2012
* Libro bianco sull’evoluzione dei combustibili
Chevron ha realizzato il Libro bianco europeo sull’evoluzione dei combustibili e sulla tecnologia degli additivi per i combustibili.
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* Based on savings made by a limited but we believe representative sample of Petrol and Diesel cars tested. Figures calculated in accordance with:

(a) independent testing June-September 2012 across four different popular models of petrol car and six popular models of diesel car over a 500 mile test cycle. Figures from these tests were: average Petrol MPG pre Techron 26.6 , average Diesel MPG pre Techron 40.7, average post Techron Petrol MPG improvement 8.7%, average post Techron Diesel MPG improvement 7.6%;
(b) cost of petrol at £1.148 per litre and diesel at £1.119 based on AA fuel report August 2015;
(c) fuel saving figure includes the cost of Techron treatment (recommended every 6 months or 6,000 miles) at £19.99 each (savings figures will vary dependent on purchase price);
(d) savings based on average annual mileage of 6,900 miles p.a. for Petrol cars and 11,200 miles p.a. for Diesel cars in accordance with Department for Transport statistics: Annual mileage of 4-wheeled cars by fuel type: Great Britain, 2002 to 2012; and
(e) testing data based on vehicles with PFI Petrol engines or Direct Injection Diesel engines. Actual savings achieved will depend on factors such as type and condition of engine as well as driving conditions and styles.